Clients True Story “Jack’s Journey” Chapter 1

It is a true privilege to begin sharing the empowering true and personal story from Jack, a teenage client who struggled with his own mental health issues for a number of years, bringing him to self harm and have thoughts of suicide.

Jack you are an inspiration to us and we will be forever grateful that you have chosen to share your journey with others.


“My journey started when I was 11 year old and began at my new secondary school in year 7. Starting with a new school, new places, but no new friends. I felt lost ,sad and looking for help. But being so young and clueless, I didn’t ask for help. Now , that was the first thing I would recommend whoever is reading this does not do. Talk about how you feel, be vocal as it;s okay to ask for help. I started to feel more depressed as time went on and my situation hadn’t changed. I kept every single emotion , good or bad, inside myself. Much like a robot I felt nothing. Every feeling would be suppressed by my brain. I trapped my feelings inside. The emotions couldn’t keep themselves inside for much longer, and there was only one way that I felt I could let it out. So I resorted to causing myself pain, to self harm and cut myself in order  to free my inner self.

It was a very strange sensation. It was at first very relaxing , and then the pain came , the blood, the scars , the tears from not only me, but the people that cared about me. The pain that I caused the people around me was probably the most painful thing I’ve ever experienced within my life. And this was too much for the 12 year old me to handle. My brain was overthinking all the time , yet so careless at the same time. More painful than the cuts, more painful than the emotional distress I was in. My feelings were suffocated and suppressed, but were let out in short , uncontrollable bursts that I had no control of.

Sitting in a lesson? Outburst of tears.

Walking to the shops? Outburst of tears.

Sitting in my bed at 2 am? Outburst of tears.

But even after all the signs, I still kept the pain to myself. So if you can take anything from the beginning of my journey, take from it that we can only bottle up our emotions for so long before that bottle cracks. Ask for help , it really is good to talk”

Words written by “Jack” age 15. 2018 ( Jack’s anonymity is being protected )

If anyone reading this feels they or someone they know needs professional support please contact us or find a registered counsellor at

Ali xx