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We really value the feedback from our clients, and our testimonials demonstrate the quality of our counselling service. We also use client feedback to help improve our services where possible and also provide potential clients with a better understanding of the support we offer, creating trust in our services.

Take a look at what some of our clients had to say about our services.

I can honestly say Alison is the best thing to have happened to me. She has helped me focus and deal with some deep rooted issues that I hadn’t realised were affecting my present life, using different techniques and giving me tools for the future.

I have rated the service as 5 but I would give it more. It has changed my life.

Female, Aged 40

I remember like it was yesterday being on a verge of breaking point but not really understanding why. Work offered counselling and I decided to give it a try. Ali was able to help me open up doors and link events in my own head which I never even thought of before. I wouldn’t be who I am today if I didn’t embark on that counselling journey with Ali years ago. Thank you

Female, Aged 30

I am such a better person for having Ali in my life. She is intelligent, caring and nurturing. She has put me on a higher plane of understanding myself and how I interact with other people. She has brought me through awful experiences that no one should go through and I have been lifted out of pain and suffering. You can’t do ‘life’ by yourself. Everyone deserves some Ali time.

Female, Aged 50

Parsloes Primary School has engaged with Unique Minds for the past year.  The service is first class.  Teachers, Social Workers, and Parents have been very appreciative of the work undertaken by the service. Our counsellor Christine is always willing to discuss as appropriate any concerns she has so that as a school we can support the pupil within the classroom. She has also provided reports, as appropriate,  for Child Protection Conferences. Chairs have noted how valuable the reports are in assessing the needs of the children and formulating plans.

Pupils too, in some of their darkest moments have expressed how the service has helped them.

I can recommend whole heartedly accessing this service. I would welcome a conversation if you wanted to find out more.

Parsloes Primary School

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