Emotional wellbeing workshops for students from Key Stage 2, delivered as part or extension of a comprehensive PSHE school’s curriculum developing young people’s skills and understanding of their emotional awareness.

Educating children on their emotional intelligence is the key to their success with strong evidence that mental and emotional wellbeing underpins successful learning and enables children and young people to realise their potential and enhance learning.

With this in mind, UniqueMinds has developed a comprehensive program of Emotional Wellbeing workshops to help improve the emotional understanding of children and young people. The workshops enable students to cope with life’s challenges, handle stress around exams, build strong relationships and improve their confidence and self-esteem throughout their teenage years.

Topics also cover a range of emotional and mental health issues including:

  • Understanding Self Harm
  • Coping with Stress and Anxiety
  • Developing Skills for Self Esteem and Body Confidence

Each workshop is designed to give children a better understanding of these issues and to develop positive solutions and coping strategies, enabling them to grow into well rounded and confident adults. They also help them to become aware of how to access support if they need it.

Our workshops provide an interactive and engaging experience specifically designed for suitability of any age group and can be delivered to small groups of students or to a whole year group within school or youth based organisations.

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