Is Your Organisation Providing the Support Your Teams Need?

Management of emotional stress or secondary trauma is essential and importance must be placed on an organisation’s provision of wellness programmes and supervision to minimise risk factors and encourage healthy coping mechanisms.

At UniqueMinds, we provide a trauma-informed psychological supervision service to managers and employees whose workplace roles involve exposure to material which could cause vicarious trauma. These roles include personnel working alongside emergency responders, disaster relief workers and security intelligence services to name a just a few.

Mitigate the Risks of Occupational Trauma and Stress

For employees who are exposed to graphic images, psychological supervision may be used to provide support, guidance, and education on how to process and cope with the images they are exposed to. Our trauma-informed approach helps support the organisation in recognising the signs and symptoms that can show up in their staff and reduce the widespread effects on the workload.

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Loveleen was a fantastic help and she really gave me the tools to feel better. I hope that in the future, should I struggle again, that the tools given to me will be able to help me feel back to my normal self again. I have returned to work and gone from strength to strength and really improved in my mental health since my sessions with Loveleen. Thank you.

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