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Parents Together 

UniqueMinds’ “Parents Together” program delivers practical advice and strategies to help parents understand and support their children with emotional and mental health issues.

Parenting, although very rewarding, is not always easy and especially when your child is struggling with a mental health issue. We are consistently informed of the difficulties our young people face in todays society and that we are faced with a mental health crisis amongst teenagers. Educating ourselves allows us to become better equipped to help and support our children if they find themselves faced with their own emotional difficulties.

The aim of the programs is to improve the parents or carers’ understanding of their child’s emotional or mental health issue, alongside providing a secure and confidential forum for sharing personal experiences and concerns. Practical advice and strategies also help parents gain key skills and knowledge enabling them to feel better equipped to offer a safe, supportive environment to fully support their child and their emotional wellbeing.

Current programs include:

  • Living with a Child who Self Harms
  • Stress and Anxiety: Friend or Foe
  • Role of Family in Eating Disorders
  • Living with Bereavement
  • Life after Divorce – A Child’s Perspective
  • A Parents Guide to Teen Depression

We also offer a generic workshop offered to secondary school parents addressing ‘Teenagers & The Mental Health Crisis: The Pressures in Todays Society.’

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