“I remember like it was yesterday being on a verge of breaking point but not really understanding why. Work offered counselling and I decided to give it a try. Ali was able to help me open up doors and link events in my own head which I never even thought of before Over the years I have had my ups and downs but I trusted Ali’s expertise to help me come out the other side. I was recently diagnosed with cancer which is always tough to hear and yet now more than ever, I feel resilient and emotionally stronger. I am very grateful for Ali and her guidance through tough times. I wouldn’t be who I am today if I didn’t embark on that counselling journey with Ali years ago. Thank you.”

Female age thirties


“Life sometimes throws terrible situations at you. I was introduced to Ali after my best friend committed suicide. We’re not educated on how to cope in a life crisis. I could not believe how Ali’s intuition, advice and suggestions made me think differently about my heartache. She helped me understand how my personality was dealing with this horrendous situation, Ali educated me on how best to look at what I was going through in a different way, my pain slowly lifted and my understanding of the human psyche grew through Ali’s amazing mix of advising me but always asking me and allowing me to get involved with the understanding of my grief. She educated me on why I am feeling like I am feeling and how to lift myself in this situation. Education is key!

Ali is the most amazing woman. I have been through several life crisis and Ali just has this wonderful way of breaking down the grief and upset so you understand what’s happening to your brain and personality and gives you ‘tasks’ that help you on the path of enlightenment and happier days. I could not cope with life if Ali wasn’t there to help me.

I am such a better person for having Ali in my life. She is intelligent, caring and nurturing. She has put me on a higher plane of understanding myself and how I interact with other people. She has brought me through awful experiences that no one should go through and I have been lifted out of pain and suffering.

We all experience angst with friends or family, husbands and wives, work and colleagues…the list goes on. I didn’t know how to deal with anxiety and grief – who does?? You need to have Ali in your life to truly understand what’s happening in your brain and with your coping mechanisms, Ali’s wisdom and education leads you to a more balanced and happy life.

You can’t do ‘life’ by yourself. Everyone deserves some Ali time.”

Female age fifties Sep’21


“Pupil wellbeing is highly valued at Parsloes Primary.  One of the ways we address this is through our school counselling service provided by Unique Minds.  Pupil needs have included mental health, pupils under child protection plans and pupils who have suffered from the death of a close family member.

Parsloes Primary School has engaged with Unique Minds for the past year.  The service is first class.  Teachers, Social Workers and Parents have been very appreciative of the work undertaken by the service.  Our counsellor is always willing to discuss as appropriate any concerns she has so that as a school we can support the pupil within the classroom.  She has also provided reports, as appropriate,  for Child Protection Conferences.  Chairs have noted how valuable the reports are in assessing the needs of the children and formulating plans.

Pupils too, in some of their darkest moments have expressed how the service has helped them.

I can recommend whole heartedly accessing this service.  I would welcome a conversation if you wanted to find out more.”

Parsloes Primary School


“We have worked with Unique Minds now for the best part of three years at Redden Court School. I would highly recommend their service and could not be more complimentary of them.

The major part of our experience takes the form of counselling. UniqueMinds have seen a whole host of student types and have worked with students who need counselling to best manage their behaviour going all the way through to students who have made suicide attempts. With every client they have built superb relationships and had a real impact on their lives. They have also shown an incredible amount of flexibility with us as a school and have been able to switch clients around based on absences and move online when we needed to during COVID.

We have also commissioned them to provide some bespoke Wellbeing Resources for our Wellbeing Days at school. These resources have been professionally made and easy to use. Furthermore, we have also commissioned some staff based sessions and these too have been well received and in high demand.

I would ultimately recommend UniqueMinds due to their professional approach, flexible attitude and, most importantly, their child centred outcomes. Any school choosing to use them as their counselling provider will not regret it.”

Redden Court School