Cultivating a Culture of Mental Well-being in the Workplace

To establish a supportive and understanding culture around mental health in your organisation, it’s crucial for management teams to feel knowledgeable and empowered to identify signs and symptoms of mental health issues and provide appropriate support. This proactive approach allows problems to be addressed before they become more severe.

UniqueMinds Training and Consultancy

At UniqueMinds, our training and consultancy services cater to corporate companies, organisations, and individuals by providing bespoke workshops and training focusing on subjects such as:

  • Building emotional resilience
  • Leadership Well-being
  • Are you ok? – Managing others Well-being
  • Let’s Talk about Stress
  • Mindfulness Practice – Stress Less, Relax More
  • Overcoming Mental Fatigue

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I started counselling owing to common anxiety affecting my mood/quality of life and subsequent impact to family. In addition, was not sleeping, had regular nightmares, intrusive thoughts from traumatic incidents experienced etc. My anxiety is now to a far more manageable level (more uncommon than common), sleep better, far fewer nightmares, far fewer intrusive thoughts and generally happier/less stressed/better able to cope. Alison was a great counsellor and I felt comfortable to open up without any perceived judgement. Would recommend the service.

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