‘Uniquely You’ Course – Regain Direction and Find Your True Self

Do you feel stuck at present, lost and that life is a constant uphill struggle? Has your life been influenced by challenging relationships and you didn’t notice yourself slip away, your confidence has diminished and you hide your feelings and your true self from others?

In our 6 week online course you will uncover where your emotions and behaviours stem from, create personal changes, regain confidence and improve your relationship with yourself and others whilst gaining direction in finding your true self again.

Are You Ready to Become the Best Version of Yourself?

Our ‘Uniquely You’ course is a tried and tested method that takes you through a journey of self exploration to help you regain the confidence and self-awareness you have lost along the way. The ‘Uniquely You’ course helps individuals to improve their general mood, increase their self-esteem and confidence, reduce feelings of anxiety, relieve feelings of insecurities brought about by past experiences and gives them a sense of direction, vigour and motivation to achieve future goals.




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The sessions have really helped me with coping techniques when it comes to anxiety. Talking to Lyanne has been great. I would rate this service 5 stars.

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