Uniquely You Course

Discovering “Uniquely You”


Do you feel stuck at present, lost and that life is a constant uphill struggle? Has your life been influenced by challenging relationships and you didn’t notice yourself slip away, your confidence has diminished and you hide your feelings and your true self from others?


In this 6 week course you will uncover where your emotions and behaviours stem from, create personal changes, gain confidence and improve your relationship with yourself and others whilst gaining direction in finding your true self again.


 Are you ready to begin your journey of self exploration to become the best version of yourself?


Do you recognise this is currently the person you are ?

  • You feel you are existing in your life rather than living it
  • Challenging relationships have left you tearful and with a lack of confidence and self-belief
  • You feel stuck and your light has dimmed and are unsure how to relight it
  • Influences from your past has left you unsure of your identity and you’re questioning who you are
  • You hide your true self and are living your life behind a mask and confused of who you truly are


Imagine you could feel like this:

  • You’re happier and more content and are no longer feeling stuck
  • Your confidence has increased and you have greater self esteem
  • You feel less anxious, less tearful, more motivated and your life is more fulfilled
  • You have a clearer understanding of yourself and who you are are
  • are more confident
  • You feel free from past influences and your insecurities
  • You are excited about life and and have future goals and plans


If you feel that this course will help you to discover what makes you ‘Uniquely You’ and will help you to be the best version of yourself that you can be then please contact us at info@uniquemindscounselling.co.uk

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